About Blake Rohde

I am a developer, inventor, and thinker. I enjoy solving problems and creating is my passion. Topics that I enjoy learning about most are related to data visualization, system networking/communication, user interfaces, and electronics design.

If you would like to get in touch or would like to find out more about my formal education and industry experience, please submit your inquiry via the contact form.

About This Site

BlakeRohde.com is a place for me to make some of my work, ideas, and any other relevant content publicly available.

I developed this site using:

  • Django Web Framework, for the Python-based back-end framework for generating the web pages and interacting with the site's database;
  • LESS, to make CSS development simpler by allowing the use of variables and function constructs not found in CSS;
  • GLYPHICONS Icon Library, for some of the icons you see around the site;
  • Sidewalk, for aggregating and locally storing all of my external data from social media websites.

This website is served to you via a Linux-based cloud server that I personally administrate and manage.


I retain all copyrights to the design, code, and content on BlakeRohde.com. Any and all original code examples displayed within a post (blog post, etc.) on this site are for the public domain, unless otherwise noted. Code examples that are either linked to and/or referenced within a post from third-party software retains any owners' copyrights.