An All New!

Today was an important milestone for me in regards to this website; I have just finished version 1.0 of my custom MVC-based PHP Framework! The framework was developed around a similar file/class structure to that of CakePHP, with the exception that it is far less expansive in regards to a lack of: plugin support, an ACL component, a comparable CakePHP Console, application scaffolding, and a testing sub-framework. However, this framework was originally created as a way for me to develop my personal knowledge in the Model-View-Controller software architecture, and I intend to keep the scope of this framework as such.

Although the back-end code is still a bit rough around the edges, everything that is needed to generate the current features of this website is in working order and I'm not complaining. I do plan on releasing my code in the future under an open source license, however, I still have a ways to go before everything is up to spec for a public release.

On a side note, I plan on releasing a new jQuery Plugin that I created for the "Recommend" functionality you see immediately below this post. I expect to publish the plugin under an open source license by next week, so check back soon if that seems to be something you may be interested in!



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