State of the Site and Moving to Django

When I launched the last major revision to in August of 2010, I wrote a short blog post talking a little about how I had gone about programming this site using a custom MVC web framework based on a popular PHP-based web framework, CakePHP. After getting the site up and running, I began to badly neglect the code and never quite got it to the remotely-polished level that is desired before releasing code open source. So, I cut my losses and decided to set out on converting my site to use a popular Python-based web framework, Django.

Python is probably my favorite programming language. I have worked on quite a few projects within the past year using Python and I still sometimes sit back and take notice to my appreciation for how easily things can be done in Python (relevant xkcd comic). Converting my site's code from PHP to Python couldn't have been more enjoyable.

If you haven't yet discovered the magic of Python, I recommend checking out Dive Into Python. It will introduce you to the basics of Python and will allow you to jump right into creating your first Python project.

Now that I am using a more substantive and developed web framework, I should be adding some additional functionality to this site in the near future. I plan on adding a section for viewing some of my recent projects and works. Another key feature I would like to add to this site soon would be an activity log of sorts showing information on my recent activities throughout various social media sites. So be on the lookout for these and some other small changes to my site in the future.



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